21 Side Business with Small Capital

21 Side Business with Small Capital

Infokeluargasehat.com21 Side Business with Small Capital. Looking at this logically, there is a fascinating reality from office laborers that they might have a little compensation, yet truth be told a significant number of them have a ton of leisure time. Tragically, the vast majority of them don’t utilize their extra energy ideally and transform it into cash.

In reality, from that spare energy there are numerous chances to maintain a side business that can be utilized as extra pay or perhaps it very well may be a drawn out monetary arrangement. Nonetheless, many individuals blame their functioning time for not having the option to maintain this side business.

Despite the fact that from the functioning hours that should be satisfied in one day, really we can in any case save a little to agree with care of a particular stance business, we are not disallowed from doing side exercises by the organization, correct?

Why Should You Open a Side Business?

21 Side Business with Small Capital

Intriguing side business to do. As a rule, there ought to be no disappointment in this business since it is just a side business or extra pay.

Coming up next are the principal motivations behind why you ought to attempt a side business. Some information that likewise should be known so that an ever increasing number of individuals go through this side business.

Beginning with a Good Idea and Unique Ability
Most huge organizations that are very notable in this present reality began as a side business which was the product of a smart thought, as well as the capacity and abilities to complete the thought. The degree of rivalry is lower and the odds of coming out on top are more prominent in the event that your thought is remarkable and seldom any other person has. You simply plan a technique to execute the thought into a reality.

Market Opportunities Still Wide Open
Never be confounded to start a side business. On the off chance that you are an imaginative individual, everything can be utilized as business material for a side business. Ensure that the business to be opened, whether it be labor and products, is without a doubt ready to purchase.

So the business can be right as per the arrangement, additionally consider how much rivalry you will confront later. Do a little overview of popular assessment, or you can begin from individuals nearest to you, on your item thought.

Need Extra Money
The realities found in office workers as depicted above, specifically the compensation is fair yet have a ton of extra energy, making a side business a recent fad that keeps on developing. Having a side business can add to the money vaults of food to assist with getting by. As well as meeting the necessities of life, this extra cash can likewise be utilized for future reserve funds for yourself as well as your loved ones.

Retirement Preparation
For private laborers, it is important to consider having a retirement plan. By having a side business, the arrangement will be more straightforward to satisfy on the grounds that it will truly help you when you arrive at advanced age. You can make this side business as a help or simply fill in advanced age exercises. The explanation is, post-retirement everyday exercises are expected to keep up with your psychological wellness.

At the point when your profession is stuck and you have a stop in doing work at the workplace, or you feel that your present place of employment at the workplace isn’t in accordance with your enthusiasm, then a side business can show you numerous things that you will not get by being an office representative.

This cycle is called self-completion, yet remember that occasionally these illustrations come from disappointment. In any case, make sure to fizzle since disappointment is really the start of achievement.

Why Do Many Side Businesses Fail?

Regardless of whether it’s simply a side business, it’s as yet a business. Indeed, even a limited scale business has practically the very chance of disappointment as a business that has been run for quite a long time.

What made the side business on a limited scale fall flat? To respond to this inquiry, we have arranged a few focuses that notice the things that frequently turn out badly in maintaining a side business.

Wrong Priority
A side business has a comprehension of not being fundamentally important or a principal work. Be that as it may, in the event that business visionaries are as yet keeping their everyday positions while fostering a private venture as an afterthought, then practicing caution is ideal. Numerous disappointments happen in this side business because of the desire to find actual success rapidly, so the part in doing side business can be as huge or perhaps bigger than the primary work.

They in some cases drive themselves to take a ton of orders in their side business, and fail to remember that they are as yet a representative. This outcomes in a deficiency of concentration and becomes not ideal simultaneously or is stuck, bringing about numerous protests from clients. It would be great on the off chance that the entrepreneur was not excessively focused on fostering a side business, or as such changing the level of the business to your abilities to ongoing.

Misdetermined Needs
While beginning a side business, unconsciously entrepreneurs are frequently calmed into things that are not really significant. They are much of the time wrong in deciding their requirements as though they as of now have a major business. For instance, making a business logo, making business cards, purchasing costly programming for accounting, etc.

To be sure, these things are significant for a business, yet moderately new independent companies don’t need things like this. It would be great on the off chance that the recently started side business ought to zero in on advancement, supply of unrefined components or materials, permitting, etc in addition to making a strong business idea.

Wrong Mindset
Numerous business disappointments are brought about by some unacceptable mentality or outlook. An illustration of some unacceptable outlook is the suspicion that “whatever is sold there will be a purchaser.” This erroneous mentality can likewise appear as misjudging the parts of good promoting and item improvement so they will generally be foolish as far as burning through cash on parts of the business that are less significant toward the start of their profession and result in the recently started business fizzling.

Youthful Business Planning
Regardless of how little a business is run, it actually requires an arrangement. A strategy can incorporate a straightforward arrangement without the requirement for detail, for example, making an arrangement for present moment and long haul objectives, for example, your business vision and mission, a rundown of potential systems administration contacts and such.

This is critical to do to assist entrepreneurs when they need to with fostering their business. Great preparation toward the starting will make it more straightforward for the business visionary to foster his business later on the grounds that he doesn’t need to revise a strategy that is now far away so it sits around, cash, and energy.

Can’t Build Network
The force of business lies in the organization. Regardless of how large the business you have, it is required to proceed to add and fabricate a current organization. Organizations can be clients, companions, family members, etc. The method for shaping and construct an organization is to have a ton of business connections. Oftentimes go to occasions or gatherings to add new colleagues who can turn into another organization for your business.

Numerous financial specialists might be reluctant, humiliated, or sluggish to open a systems administration course in light of the fact that their business has quite recently evolved without it. This is obviously off-base. Sometime, on the off chance that entrepreneurs are sluggish to construct an organization, their business will not be able to contend with different organizations.

21 Side Business Ideas with Small Capital

21 Side Business with Small Capital

A side business is indeed a small-scale business. But from this small scale, which was just a fad or just for additional income, if carried out seriously, it can turn into a business on a world scale. Who would have thought that a business that started from this simple idea could bring in a lot of money.

If you are still constrained by confusion about what kind of business to choose, here we have summarized 21 side businesses with small capital that you should try.

A. Side Business Providing Services

1. Laundry Kiloan

In today’s practical era, many people still think pragmatically. “Instead of running out of time to wash clothes, it’s better to do laundry.” Therefore, the idea of ​​opening a kilogram laundry business became very popular.

Business players in this field have also begun to mushroom, especially in areas close to campuses and offices. The number of players who jump in makes the competition tougher so the price also competes.

Is it that easy to open a laundry service business? Actually yes, but to be successful in this business, you have to be smart to find loopholes to get started. The most important thing you need to consider is market share. A place where there are many students and private employees or civil servants is the most appropriate location to open this business.

How much capital is required? You can start running this business with just IDR 7.5 million of capital. Half of the money was to buy an automatic single tub washing machine, and a dryer. The other half is to buy supporting equipment, such as scales, plastic, and irons, as well as an employee’s salary.

2. Motorcycle or Car Wash

This business seems never lonely. People are willing to queue up for hours to get their turn. The price, quality and energy spent on washing motorbikes and cars make many vehicle owners prefer professional washing services over washing themselves.

The capital issued is also relatively affordable to open this business. For beginners, you should start with a motorcycle wash business first. The equipment requirements that must be owned are also quite simple. You only need to provide a water pump, compressor, rags, motorcycle soap, and motorcycle tire polishing equipment.

All of these items can be obtained with funds of at least Rp. 2 million for a simple motorbike washing service, or a maximum of up to around Rp. 10 million if you want to make a more professional motorbike washing service. Expenditures are usually made for space rental of Rp. 2 million, to purchase equipment of Rp. 5 million, and for operational costs including employee salaries of Rp. 3 million.

3. Graphic Design

This side business is suitable for employees who work in graphic design companies. On the sidelines of your main job, you can offer services to partners you know or through several marketplaces. The most sought after design services are business cards, logos, clothes, mascots, posters, booths and interiors.

Some of the marketplaces that provide graphic design trading services are sribu.com and projects.co.id, 99designs.com, elance.com, and upwork.com (formerly odesk.com). This business does not require significant capital, only an internet connection and skills that you must always improve to maintain the quality of your services. Creative and timely products are the key to the success of this business.

4. Private Lessons

Private tutoring services for school subjects are so far offered by students who want to increase their savings or for tuition fees. In addition to school lessons, foreign languages ​​or music are also fields that are sought after by teachers.

Initially you can start from house to house visiting students. But later if you are already known and have many students, you can also open your own tutoring center at home so that it is not you who travel but the students who will come to your house.

The capital required for private lessons is relatively small. If you are traveling to visit students, it means that the only capital needed is transportation costs. If you open tutoring at home, it means the capital for writing equipment and study rooms, which if calculated roughly, requires at least Rp. 1 million in capital, and you can already run this business at home. You can set the tutoring rate based on the market cost of tutoring in your location.

5. Sewing Clothes

For those of you who have skills in sewing clothes, you can use it to become a side business idea. A side business that provides sewing services at first sounds less attractive. Keep in mind again that the concept of a side business is to make your free time more useful and make money. So, there is no need to rush to open your own sewing kiosk.

For the initial stage, you should take advantage of existing ones with minimal capital. You can buy a used sewing machine at the nearest store or you can order it online. The minimum funds needed to buy a sewing machine, overlock machine, and other equipment are approximately IDR 2 million.

Next find customers from people around you. Limit sewing orders according to the ability and time you have. Then, if it is already known and orders start to grow, you can pay for labor whose standards of sewing are according to you.

6. Translator

Do you master a foreign language? Take advantage of these skills by offering translation services. Indeed, translators are divided into two groups, namely professional translators and novice translators. But all professionals start from beginners too, right? Professional translators usually work under oath and are relatively expensive. For beginners, you should just start by translating documents such as articles, theses, papers, and so on.

This business provides significant results. For example, you charge a translation fee of IDR 50/word. If on one page there are 500 words, then you have managed to pocket as much as Rp. 25 thousand. Then, if you can complete 10 pages in one day, then your profit in a day is IDR 250 thousand. Interesting right?

The capital is also relatively easy and cheap, including a laptop and an internet connection. If physical results are indeed needed, then a printing machine or printer is included in the required capital. The internet is the main capital that needs to be there and can be used to carry out the research needed in the translation process, such as finding the definition of a word and so on. The work location is also flexible. It can be in the office, in a cafe, at home, or anywhere. Marketplaces that are widely used to sell this service are freelancer.co.id and sribulancer.

7. Typing Service

This business is generally the best in the area around campus. Many students need typing services for writing college assignments or thesis. This idea is suitable as a side business because just by typing, you can make money.

The rates usually used for this service are usually on a per page or per word basis. And certainly, this business does not require a large cost as the authorized capital. You only need a few devices that must be prepared, namely a computer or laptop, printer, HVS paper, scanner, and so on.

Tips for Running a Typing Business

Strategic location

For example, close to campus or near offices because businesses like this are sought after by students and students who need services like this. Along with the development of technology, this typing service business can also be done online. Business owners can promote their business through blogs or marketplaces.

Some promotional media such as flyers or pamphlets are a good idea. You can also use the internet to do internet marketing, especially if you open an online typing service business. You should also put up a large and clear banner around your location so that people who see it can read well.

8. Realtor

An asset that is always rising in price is property. Many people who have more funds, invest their money in this field. When these investors want to sell the properties they own, they also need the services of a property broker who can sell them at prices that match their expectations.

This condition opens an opportunity for you to join as a realtor. Try to observe the environment around the house, is there a new house and apartment construction project? If so, just offer yourself to be a broker. Don’t forget to ask about the commission and bonus system.

No need for capital costs for this business. Just building trust is all it takes. Never be bored to continue to increase your knowledge about the world of property so that your network and knowledge is growing every day to support this business.

Types of Online Property Marketing

Marketing Blog
This is often done by internet marketers today. they create a website that is optimized by applying SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques so that they get targeted visitors. You can imitate this method because blog marketing is one of the most effective online property marketing methods. It’s just that you have to be good at optimizing to be able to compete with other websites in fighting for targeted potential buyers.
Display Marketing
If you don’t want to be too bothered by optimizing your website to beat competitors’ websites, you can apply the display marketing method. This online marketing method applies the concept of placing your ad banners on sites where many targeted visitors visit the site. You can put your banner on social bookmarking sites, publishing sites, or forums. It’s just that, you have to spend a budget for ads like this.

Email Marketing
You could say this is a conventional online marketing method because this method was used by internet marketers much earlier than other methods. This strategy is clearly effective because basically people voluntarily enter their email address to get any information from you, including property product offers. However, you should also provide them with useful information, not just offers.

9. Insurance Agent

Insurance agents generally are often used as a side profession. This is because this business is not binding, does not require capital, but provides sustainable income as long as the customer is registered in an insurance program. Of course this is very interesting, plus a very proportional income. That is, if you want to have a high income, you also have to work hard and be able to sell insurance products in large quantities as well.

For those who want to have a career here, there are stages of further self-development. Not infrequently a successful side business can lead to a better career, insurance agents are also like that. Insurance agents who excel usually get the opportunity to grow by being given various kinds of training and comparative study opportunities to various places around the world.

10. Umrah and Hajj Marketing Agency

Umrah business is very tempting. Hajj queues that are so long, even reaching more than 17 years, are a reflection that you can get the opportunity to run a business in this field. The number of Umrah pilgrims has reached more than 1.6 million pilgrims in one Umrah period. However, this is not supported by professional management. This makes many prospective pilgrims skeptical of the Umrah bureau along with the many cases of Umrah fraud carried out by irresponsible bureaus.

You can also take part in taking the opportunity to run this Umrah business. Besides getting rewards, you also get benefits in the form of commissions from the owner of the umrah bureau. You don’t need capital to run a business as a marketing agent for this Umrah and Hajj. What needs to be done is to be diligent in offering Umrah packages from partner bureaus, either through recitation groups, social gatherings, or door to door.

Marketing for Umrah and Hajj is relatively easy, with minimal risk with decent profits. Compare this with opening your own bureau which requires hundreds of millions of funds and is full of risks. If mismanaged, the risk could be bankrupt and leave a lot of problems with the congregation. For every pilgrim who registers with the Umrah bureau on your reference, you can get a commission for this effort ranging from IDR 500 thousand to 1 million.

How to become an Umrah and Hajj marketing agent? To be able to market Umrah and Hajj products, ideally you have already done Umrah so that it is easier to describe the Umrah packages that are sold with real conditions in the field. But there is no need to worry for those who have never been, because you can learn the ins and outs of Hajj and Umrah on your own.

Then, convey your interest in becoming an Umrah marketing agent to a reputable Umrah bureau. Don’t get stuck with a bureau with a large number of congregations, prioritize legality. In essence, do a little research first about the umrah and hajj travel agency, where you will register.

If you are sure about the agency you have chosen, then convey your intention to become a marketing agent for these Umrah and Hajj products. We recommend that the process of becoming an agent is carried out officially by signing a mutual agreement (MoU) between the two parties.

In this collaboration, there is an agreement between us and the travel management or travel company. From there, an agreement will arise regarding the rights and obligations between the two parties. Then, what is crucial is the marketing mechanism and commissions on sales made. This must be discussed clearly.

11. Deposit Service

The business of buying and selling services is on the rise lately following rapid technological advances. This is because the business is based online. Broadly speaking, you only need to buy goods ordered by customers which will then be sent back to them with additional shipping costs. The capital required is relatively small with a large turnover of up to millions of rupiah.

This business, also known as a personal shopper or personal shopper, is often found on popular social media such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. But not infrequently also found in chat-based applications such as Line, Whatsapp and others. Therefore, the marketing system is also carried out through social media by uploading photos of products that will be marketed to social media to attract the attention of potential buyers.

B. Side Business Offering Goods

11. Sell Electric Credit

Selling electric pulses is actually the most appropriate thing to do by an employee as a side business. The reason is, office friends, boarding friends, and so on are the right and lucrative markets. According to the news, a large-scale credit business in Jakarta has a turnover of Rp. 20 trillion a year.

Big business certainly starts small first, and you can choose electric pulses as the initial stage. Easy, no big cost, and flexible time is the attraction of this business. The capital is also relatively small, starting from Rp. 50 thousand to Rp. 1 million only. It’s also relatively easy to get repeat customers, namely your own friends and neighbors.

How to become an electric pulse agent? Each electric pulse provider has different provisions. But in general you just need to register and make a deposit. Then, your balance can be used for all product transactions. To register, you can use the registration form or send an SMS with the specified format. For more information, several online electric credit providers, such as palace-reload.com or pulsamurahcomplete.com can be your reference.

Tips for Running an Electric Credit Business

Choosing a Trusted Credit Operator
A trusted credit server or provider ensures that credit transfer transactions can run smoothly. The key to buyer trust is in the speed of the transaction. It can also make you feel comfortable because you don’t feel chased by consumers who are upset because your credit doesn’t come in. If the transaction continues smoothly, the customer will be satisfied and eventually become a regular customer.

Promotion Routine
In the electric credit business, you have to keep doing promotions even though you don’t really need a lot of capital or operational costs. After all, in running a business, you must have a sales target. And this can be achieved by means of a good promotion.
The promotion can be done in a simple way, for example if you are an employee, then you can do word of mouth promotions, as well as for example you are a student. Don’t forget to use your social media to do small promotions.

Price Survey
Even though it’s just a side business, surveys still need to be done. This survey aims to find out the market price of pulses around you, and can be done by checking prices at the nearest pulse merchant. The point is, do not let you sell more expensive than the market price, because of course the pulses that are sold will be difficult to sell.

Focus on Service and Don’t Compete on Price
Although it is important to know the price of pulses in the market, the current price of pulses is no longer a sensitive issue. Buyers rarely make buying decisions based on price, but rather on good service. So compete in providing services not in prices that are actually relatively the same for one particular area.

Registering More Than One Server
It is recommended that sellers of electric pulses register with more than one provider that can be used as a backup when the main server has problems. For example, when the main server responds slowly, transactions are delayed or delayed, the server is under maintenance, the network is down, stock is empty and various other problems. With a backup server, credit sales can still run smoothly.

Avoid Debt Service
The value of the profit from selling credit to someone is not much. But as much as possible, never allow your customers to owe or ‘bond’ credit. Because if one person is allowed to owe, then other customers will ask for the same thing and it can cause big losses. In fact, incidents like this most often cause people to eventually go out of business.

Don’t Take Too Big Profits
This business is included in the business class with a fast capital turnover. Tempting, isn’t it? But it is worth being wary of, not to be lulled by the desire to find big profits quickly. Because this business also involves intense competition, it’s best to provide competitive prices so that your credit kiosk is not abandoned by consumers because the prices are too expensive.

15. Breakfast (Breakfast)

For those of you who are employees with an afternoon or evening schedule, selling food for breakfast is an interesting idea. Currently, many employees are struggling to provide their own breakfast, especially those who still live alone.

For this business does not require a specific room. You can use your front yard to sell these foods. The menu is simple and doesn’t take long to prepare. Chicken porridge, uduk rice, yellow rice, and fried foods, plus coffee as a complement are simple menus that have high selling points.

The capital is also relatively small to start this business, which is around IDR 4 million per month. Of this figure, around 80% will be used to buy raw materials such as eggs, rice, chicken meat, tofu, tempeh, and vegetables. The rest is to buy cooking oil, gas, and also transportation.

How much profit did you get? Based on information from several online media, with that amount of capital you have the opportunity to earn a net income of IDR 2 million per month. Pretty much, right?

16. Opening a Coffee Shop at Night

A coffee shop is an embodiment of the simplest idea of ​​a cafe. Why at night? If your budget and energy are limited, then it’s best to only open at night, considering that most people have working hours from morning to evening.

That way, the night is the right time because you can monitor the side business. In addition, the right time for ‘coffee’ is usually at night. This business is very suitable if the business location is located around a campus or industrial area.

For this business, you can start with a capital of Rp. 10 million including buying a number of equipment such as glasses, spoons, chairs, tables, and others. This figure also includes renting a place if the house cannot be used as a place to sell. Income from this business can also be increased by selling fried foods, cigarettes, instant noodles or other drinks.

17. Selling Various Cakes

For those of you who like or have a hobby of cooking cakes, then the following ideas are the perfect ideas. The reason is, you can make money from the activities you enjoy. After a long day at work, then in the evening after coming home from work, you can share your hobby of making cakes, which can be sold the next day at the office or to neighbors around where you live. It would be nice if every afternoon you could do a hobby and get an income too.

The cakes sold can be in the form of wet cakes such as steamed brownies, bika Ambon, omelette rolls, banana cake, chocolate cake, lapis legit, klepon, apem, onde-onde, and cucur cakes. There are also many pastries, such as walnut cream cheese, mint chocolate sandwich, pineapple nastar, snow white, lemon cookies, and chocolate peanut butter cookies. For recipe variations, the Bacaresepdulu.com site can be used as a reference.

You don’t need big capital to sell these cakes. The capital required is only around Rp. 10 million for the first month, with details of Rp. 9 million for raw materials (Rp. 300 thousand x 30 days), Rp. 300 thousand for gas costs, and Rp. 250 thousand for electricity and water costs. The place of business is your own kitchen of course.

D. Online Business Side Business

18. Create a Blog

Being a blogger is a fun combination of hobbies and work. The key to the success of a website is traffic or a large number of visitors. Indeed, to bring visitors in large numbers is not an easy job.

Many people think instantaneously by buying traffic to traffic service providers. That is very wrong. Visitors who come from this service are not humans, but fake traffic that does not provide any benefits for website owners.

To start this blog business, choose a theme that matches your passion or the things you really like, such as electronic goods, food, music, and so on. Then fill your blog with that content which can be articles, reviews, comments, or whatever. If your blog content is of high quality, then slowly but surely many readers will visit. Blog traffic will go up by itself, backlinks from other websites are also easy to get.

If your blog traffic is good, then the blog can then be monetized to earn money. The methods also vary, from opening ad space for local advertisers to joining professional advertising networks like Google Adsense. Interestingly, it only takes a maximum capital of Rp. 1 million to open this business.

19. Opening an Online Store

In today’s internet era, people are starting to get used to online transactions. The opportunity to open an online store is even more interesting to try. Some of the most widely traded products in online stores are clothing, herbal medicines, local handicrafts, bags, t-shirts, or other digital goods, such as ebooks, software, music, and so on. Plus, this online store business can be done by selling your own goods or other people who want to entrust their sales to us.

You don’t need to worry about capital because the capital that needs to be prepared is also relatively small. What you need to buy, among others, is a template that costs around Rp. 300 thousand. If you can make and design your own, then this business can be said to be almost without capital.

For those who are still new to buying and selling online and are still confused about what products to sell, start with the dropship system. This system will provide convenience in selling because you don’t need to buy stock for sale.

It is enough to pass on the information of the buyer or customer, and the supplier will send the goods according to the order. Or in other words, you are the third party between the buyer and the owner of the goods. One of the strategies is to start joining the local dropshipper community at supplier.id.

20. Online MLM Business

MLM or Multi Level Marketing is the latest marketing method that is expected to save on marketing costs. Many businesses are run with the MLM model, and along with the development of technology, this MLM model can be run online.

Because it is run online, this business does not take time and energy for activities such as meetings, follow-up of prospective members, and purchasing goods, because all these processes can be done online. However, be careful of fake MLM. Not all MLM businesses have a good system.

21. Selling Photos on the Internet

Digital technology that exists today really supports someone who wants to open a side business. If you have a hobby of photography, then you can make money from taking photos that you take yourself. The trick is to sell the photo online. Surely there will be people who are willing to pay for the photos you produce if the photos are good and have character.

Several digital photo buying and selling sites that serve this transaction are istockphoto.com (155% commission per photo) and shutterstock.com (20-30% commission per photo). In addition, fotolia.com and stockfresh.com sites can also be used to peddle your photos. For global scale transactions usually use PayPal as the transaction mode. So don’t forget to have a credit card first before creating this account.

Another side business that is currently being loved is undergoing a profession as an influencer and youtuber. With enough capital, a smartphone with an adequate camera, stable internet access, and Instagram and YouTube social media accounts, you can start this business. Doing it while working in an office is no problem, as long as it doesn’t interfere and remains professional.
To become an influencer and youtuber, you must be diligent in uploading content that matches your passion or interest, whether it’s about fashion, culinary, make-up, and others. If your content is interesting, it will increase the number of followers on Instagram and subscribers on your YouTube channel.
The large number of followers and subscribers will usually encourage companies to look at you for endorsement services. The income is pretty good. Even if you are already famous, the endorsement value can reach hundreds of millions of rupiah for a single post.

How to Find Side Business Capital
There are many ways to get business capital. You don’t need to be discouraged if you currently feel you don’t have enough capital to run a side business.

The key is to have the determination to really know what side business you want to run. Then, start making a small business plan such as the capital needed, the selling price and the profit that will be obtained.

Here are options for how to get side business capital:

1. Working capital from the bank

You can apply for a business capital loan from a bank with a wide selection of products, such as KTA (Unsecured Credit) or KMG (Multipurpose Credit).

2. Business capital from family loans

The second way that can be done is to borrow business capital from your family or close relatives. Make sure you are professional when borrowing from family and return the borrowed funds according to the agreed time.

3. Business capital from Fintech P2P Lending

You can also apply for business capital from online fintech loans. Yes, if you are mature with the business you are in, you can apply for funding from a peer to peer lending fintech company. Later, they will have their own scheme for venture capital.

4. Pawn or Sell Assets

There is nothing wrong with mortgaging or selling assets to get business capital. After all, if later your business has returned on investment and is getting bigger with a lot of profit, you can return to redeem/buy assets that have been pawned/sold.

Cultivate Entrepreneurial Spirit

According to research from Dr. David McCelland, a psychologist from Harvard University, in his book entitled The Achieving Society shows that a country can achieve prosperity and prosperity if at least 2% of the population becomes entrepreneurs.

This indicates that the Indonesian state needs at least about 5 million of its total 230 million population to become entrepreneurs.

Data from the Ministry of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises (UKM) states that the current number of entrepreneurs has reached a ratio of 3.1% of the total population of Indonesia. This figure has exceeded the international standard, which is 2%.

This means that the number of entrepreneurs in the country has reached 8.06 million out of 260 million people. However, this ratio is still inferior to Malaysia, which is at the level of 5%, Singapore at 7 percent of the total 4 million population. America has more than 12% entrepreneurs, Japan and China more than 7%.

The entrepreneurial spirit or entrepreneurial spirit needs to be cultivated in young people. Because they are the spearheads in the prosperity of the country. If more and more Indonesian youth have the entrepreneurial spirit, the greater the opportunity to work because of the large number of available job opportunities. This, of course, goes hand in hand with the increasing expectation of welfare for the Indonesian population.

The points mentioned above are only a small part of the side business ideas that have developed and become popular in recent years. After all, there are hundreds if not thousands of other side business ideas that are still unrevealed and waiting for someone to put them into action.

Always thinking creatively will lead you to an idea that has never existed before so that the chances of success are even greater.

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