Amazon Now Hiring New Advanced Robots in Warehouse

Amazon Now Hiring New Advanced Robots in Warehouse – Amazon Now Hiring New Advanced Robots in Warehouse. Amazon has announced their first autonomous mobile robot to hire to move large objects throughout its warehouse, the robot is named Proteus.

Amazon says the Proteus robot can safely move around humans. This is not like some of his past robots being separated in a caged region.

Proteus has advanced security, perception and navigation technology and it was shown that these robots shine a green light in front of themselves as they move. When humans step into the green light region, the robot stops first, then resumes after the person leaves.

Advanced Robot

Launching from The Verge, Monday (27/6/2022) Amazon has also announced several other robotic systems. One of them called Cardinal is a robotic arm that can lift and move packages weighing up to 50 pounds. With this robot, Amazon hopes to be used in warehouses next year.

Amazon says its computer vision system allows Cardinal’s robots to pick up and lift individual packages, even if they are stacked.

Amazon also showcased technology that would allow employees to ditch the hand scanner they used to take down tag scanners. Instead, workers stand in front of a camera system that recognizes packages without stopping to scan names.

There’s not much detail about how it works other than some combination of operating the engine and the 120 fps camera system. The effect is similar to that of the Just Walk Out technology, which allows users to leave the store without stopping at the checkout counter.

As is often the case with new robotic technologies, of course there are potential labor problems. That’s why Amazon continues to seek more human labor and is committed not to prioritize robot development.

A leader in Amazon’s robotics division has explicitly said that replacing people with machines is a fallacy that could put the company out of business. But robots can play a role in regulating the pace of work that humans have to deal with safely.

Amazon claims all of its newest robots can really help improve security. Cardinal can operate in places where workers will lift and rotate heavy packages, a move that can cause injury. And Proteus can reduce the need for people to move heavy objects manually.

Amazon is also working on robots that will deliver containers to workers rather than making them bend or climb to reach goods.

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