Benefits of Brown Rice that Can Support Body Health – Benefits of Brown Rice that Can Support Body Health. Indonesia is a country with abundant natural wealth that allows you to taste a variety of foods that are nutritious for health. One of them is grains in the form of brown rice or earthy colored rice which is popularly used as an alternative to white rice.

Brown rice has a brown color with a harder texture when it is cooked and consumed as rice. You may not be too familiar with brown rice because you often use white rice that is commonly sold in the market.

Even so, there is nothing wrong if you try to replace white rice with brown rice, because there are various benefits of brown rice for your health. Then, what are the benefits of brown rice? Check out the explanation below!

Health benefits of brown rice

Benefits of Brown Rice that Can Support Body Health

Consuming brown rice everyday, of course, for health is not just helping weight loss, because brown rice has other uses for health. Here are some of the benefits of brown rice that can be considered as a substitute for white rice.

1. Help weight loss

The most popular benefit of brown rice is that it helps you lose weight. This benefit is not mere talc because brown rice has a higher fiber content than white rice.

Fiber is very useful for keeping the stomach feeling full and preventing you from consuming more calories. Brown rice or earthy colored rice was also found to be able to reduce belly fat compared to white rice.

2. Does not contain gluten

When a person experiences an inability to digest gluten, usually the reactions that appear are vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain, and bloating when eating gluten.

Therefore, brown rice can be a substitute for high-gluten foods, such as white rice, bread, pasta, and so on. Not only for people with allergies or gluten intolerance, autoimmune sufferers can also consume brown rice to implement a gluten-free diet.

3. Good for diabetics

A low-carbohydrate diet is very important for diabetics to control their blood sugar. Diabetics can replace white rice with brown rice which has a lower glycemic level.

The glycemic index of white rice is 72, while that of brown rice is 50. Foods with low glycemic levels do not raise blood sugar levels quickly because the body digests these foods more slowly.

Plus, because it’s digested more slowly, you’ll feel full longer and not eat more food.

4. Protects the heart

Brown rice is able to maintain the health of the heart organ lies in fiber and other compounds that can reduce the risk of heart disease. High fiber consumption is reported to be able to reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease, and respiratory disorders.

In addition, brown rice or earthy colored rice is also rich in lignans and magnesium. Lignans are compounds that can reduce the risk of heart disease by reducing arterial tension, and lowering blood pressure and cholesterol.

Meanwhile, magnesium compounds are one of the mineral compounds that play a very important role in maintaining heart health which can reduce your chances of suffering from heart disease.

5. More nutritious than white rice

Brown rice has a much higher nutritional value than white rice, from fiber content to mineral compounds. Even one cup of brown rice is able to meet almost all of your daily nutritional intake.

Brown rice or earthy colored rice is a good food to be a source of manganese, antioxidants, potassium, riboflavin (vitamin B2), folate, iron, calcium, selenium, and folate.

Are there any side effects of consuming brown rice?

Benefits of Brown Rice that Can Support Body Health

You may be wondering, does abundant brown rice also have certain side effects? In fact, brown rice was found to be at risk of contamination by toxic arsenic because it absorbs a lot of water during its growth period.

However, you don’t need to worry because the arsenic levels in brown rice or earthy colored rice are too low to trigger health problems.

If you’re still concerned about the arsenic content that might be hidden in the brown rice you buy, you can cook brown rice with up to six times more water than usual to reduce the arsenic content in half.

That’s the benefits of brown rice that can support body health. Even if you are healthy, pay attention to the side effects, yes. Try consulting a doctor so that you know the right way and dose of consuming brown rice.

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