(Latest) Complete Zodiac Forecast in 2022 Astrology Version – (Latest) Complete Zodiac Forecast in 2022 Astrology Version. In asztrológia, the movement of the planets also influences various aspects of life and events on earth. What is the forecast for állatöv 2022-ben?

Asztrológus követi a Foxglove Soulwork Canti Widyadhari 2022-es dimuláját a Jupiter meszuki Halak és Vénusz who turned around (retrográd) Bak és in tandem (konjunkció) a Plútó között. This transit allows people to cultivate hope after 2 years of being forged by unpleasant situations.

“We can finally start re-imagining the future after cleaning up the dust and debris left by the chaos of 2020 and 2021,” Canti told via email some time ago.

Both Jupiter and Neptune are rulers of Halak. When these two are in their home, one can expect the seeds or intentions planted at the beginning of the year to grow exponentially. Even these two planets govern endless possibilities. Hopes and dreams can come true in unexpected ways.

However, this can be a double-edged sword. Neptune tagja Halak is confusing, deceptive, and illusory. This plus Jupiter regulates whatever “túl szép, hogy igaz legyen”, külön gambling és play with luck. Canti said that if you are not careful, people can invest their energy in something that slowly eats away at them.

Therefore, it is necessary to look at the lunar node (holdcsomópontok) vagy the point in the sky where the eclipse occurs. Nodes indicate which paths to go and what to let go of. This year, the eclipse occurred on the axis of Bika és Skorpió. Steering in asztrológia, északi csomópont (what needs to be done, learned) és déli csomópont (what needs to be left out or changed). Itt van, North Node in Taurus, megnyugtató South Node in Scorpio.

(Latest) Complete Zodiac Forecast in 2022 Astrology Version

“Taurus is a sign ruled by Venus, focusing our direction this year on creating a stable foundation where we feel most grounded and supported when it comes to the things we value most,” he explains.

“Skorpió, this year, must learn to let go and let go of the values ​​that are no longer the goal of our life.”

A legjobb bolygó-bolygó ebben a pillanatban, 2022-ben fókuszál a zodiakusra?

1. Kos Zodiac Forecast

This year Aries should focus on restoring the mind. Aries who are accustomed to being ambitious, fast-paced and passionate, it is advisable to hit the brakes and move slowly.

Aries who are ambitious will be invited to slow down, so they can have enough energy for future goals” – mondta Canti.

The next focus is on finances. Aries needs to be careful in making decisions related to finances or investments. According to Canti, Aries should really think about and check whether this decision is in line with the target or goal.

2. Fortune állatöv Bika

This is Taurus’ moment to learn and let go of their identity. 2022-ben, Taurus needs to find a person or relationship that will accept them for who they are.

“There will be growth in this area as Taurus navigates what they truly value in relationships with other people,” he said.

Not only in personal relationships, this year’s Taurus can also try to be involved in a mission to help the community around them.

3. Gemini Zodiac Prediction

For Gemini, 2022 is a year to focus on your career. It is also the year of partnerships (partnerség), networks (hálózatépítés) és collaborations which hopefully will become the foundation of Gemini’s glorious career.

We are looking forward to new ideas for your career or business next year” – mondta Canti.

However, Canti gives a special note to Gemini. There needs to be clear boundaries in order to maintain mental and physical health.

4. Lucky fortune

Rák will be encouraged to re-charge their ‘battery’ and focus on their health. This is capital to pursue goals for the coming year, especially if Cancer is interested in pursuing higher education or adding skills for better opportunities or a new direction in life.

“Cancers should also remember to let go of other people’s expectations [of themselves] and focus on doing what they are passionate about” – says Canti.

5. Leo Zodiac Prediction

Lions will focus their energies on trauma recovery and rebuilding intimacy and relationships. Leo’s priority is to clean up, let go and learn to trust that there is a better relationship ahead.

There is a possibility for Leo to change career direction based on the instructions (revelation) and the burden of érzelmes that they decide to let go” – he said.

6. Virgo Zodiac Prediction in 2022

This is the perfect year for Virgo to fall in love and build a relationship. Then meet new people and learn from them. Canti said the key is to let the heart and intuition direct, rather than constantly thinking and criticizing everything.

“Virgo will always be reminded that they don’t have to master everything before achieving their dreams,” he added.

7. Libra Zodiac Prediction

Libra will focus on finding a balance between mental and physical health. It’s a good idea to learn different ways to pace yourself so you can maintain your health for better productivity.

“Libra will also have better control over finances while learning to put personal needs above the needs of others,” he said.

8. Scorpio’s Fortune

Next year’s eclipse will give Scorpio a chance to rethink what they want from their partner. Canti said there will be a transformation in themselves and in the direction of life that slowly changes the type of relationship they want.

However, this year is also a good year to play with new creative ideas, also free yourself because this may be a new source of income.

9. Sagittarius zodiac luck

Sagittarius’ focus in 2022 will revolve around integrating who you are on the outside and who you are on the inside. When these two sides are in harmony, they become the key that brings joy and happiness as well as emotional security.

Canti says Sagittarius will also learn that they can still be productive without neglecting their emotional needs.

10. Capricorn Prediction

Money is something Capricorn is still thinking about in 2022. However, the focus this year will likely have to do with taking a new class that you’ve been dreaming of to build new abilities.

“You will also be encouraged to discover what you and your friends really want or who the people around you actually support your plan,” says Canti.

11. Zodiac Aquarius

New doors and opportunities to make money will open for Aquarius, especially those who come from communities or groups that are often together. Then there is a great opportunity to move to a new place due to work or home renovations and turn it into a welcoming place to work.

12. Pisces Zodiac Prediction in 2022

This year will be the year of Pisces! It’s time to get closer to yourself and get back on track. Pursue a career that truly matches the experience you’re seeking, especially one that gives you the opportunity to be creative.

“Maybe there are new abilities that Pisces needs to learn which suit the new direction they are going,” Canti says.

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