(Latest) Link Full Video Kamala Harris Car Accident Leaked On TikTok

(Latest) Link Full Video Kamala Harris Car Accident Leaked On TikTok

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Kamala Harris Car Accident Viral Video

(Latest) Link Full Video Kamala Harris Car Accident Leaked On TikTok

Vice President Kamala Harris was involved in a car accident on Monday on her way to the White House. The small incident was initially reported as a mechanical failure, but these claims are false or at least part of the story, according to the New York Post. The crash occurred due to the driver of Harris’s SUV having a “little over-fix” and hit a “street corner,” intelligence spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said, according to the NYP.

The impact of the over-correction was so severe that it required a tire change, completely halting Harris’s motorcade, sources told the Washington Post. Images of the incident showed several armed guards in proximity to the vehicle parked in the underground passage as the vice president was transferred to another vehicle. An @VP Kamala Harris SUV driving to the White House on Monday morning was over-corrected and fell on the sidewalk.

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(Latest) Link Full Video Kamala Harris Car Accident Leaked On TikTok

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