(Latest Link) Video Chandigarh University Hostel Video Become Trending on MMS

(Latest Link) Video Chandigarh University Hostel Video Become Trending on MMS

infokeluargasehat.com – (Latest Link) Video Chandigarh University Hostel Video Become Trending on MMS. Hello everyone, we meet again with the current admin who will provide the latest information about the Chandigarh University Hostel viral video link which is currently viral on several social media, and if you are curious about this viral video, read this article to the end.

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Video Chandigarh University Hostel Video Become Trending on MMS

(Latest Link) Video Chandigarh University Hostel Video Become Trending on MMS

Girl Recorded Video

According to the report, the students who recorded the Mohali video were recognized and sent videos to a friend who lived in Shimla. The police have registered FIR in this matter and the girl accused of being arrested.

According to the source cited by Zee News, the accused students of university hostels used to make videos of girls living in the dormitory every day. I used to make this video when other people are changing their clothes or taking a shower.

He used to send this video to his friend in Shimla, producing recordings online. The girls watched him for several days, but on Saturday they caught him red-handed.

After this, the official of the institution was told and the girl was questioned at that place. The girl admitted that she used to send videos to her friends. She said that she used to do this only on the orders of her friends.

Students try to commit suicide

According to sources, when students know that their videos have been circulating on social media, the senses are fascinated. During this time, a student suffered a heart attack after watching a video. He, along with other girls who complained of anxiety, were immediately taken to the nearest hospital. 8 students were reported to have attempted suicide after their video hit the internet.

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Chandigarh University Hostel Video Viral Video on Social Media

(Latest Link) Video Chandigarh University Hostel Video Become Trending on MMS

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Last word

Maybe this is all the admin can say about the latest viral video that is currently trending. For those of you who don’t know the video, you can try reading the explanation from the previous admin here.

Maybe the information we provide here can help you and get what you are looking for, don’t forget to always visit again because the admin always provides the latest viral information. Thank you very much.

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