(leaked) Doc Rivers Twitter full video goes viral on the internet

(leaked) Doc Rivers Twitter full video goes viral on the internet

infokeluargasehat.com – (leaked) Doc Rivers Twitter full video goes viral on the internet. According to information, Glen ‘Doc’ Rivers is a head coach for Philadelphia 79ers or Sixers. His Twitter burner expressed his joy to the public.

From Twitter likes by doc rivers, he likes the account owned by a trans and femboy woman. The grip is @ts olivia jade and a suitable hotmess.

Doc Rivers also likes porn accounts, with the grip of @wife wanting to play. The only reason that makes a sense that he likes on Twitter is the @the daily show.

This moment has caused a gestation and reaction on social media. People began to call Doc Rivers a ‘gay man’ who liked Femboy but still in the closet.

Reactions below:

(leaked) Doc Rivers Twitter full video goes viral on the internet

Michael: Dwight Howard showed Doc Rivers he was in the first round.

Paul’s: Head coach Philadelphia 76ers, Glen ‘Doc’ Rivers issued a statement about his Twitter like last night.

MITYANA: Luckily for Doc Rivers that he was employed by Sixers and this was not even close to the most embarrassing things that occurred in the franchise in the last decade.

Maxwell: That Nigga Doc Rivers did not go to Cancun when they were eliminated by the playoffs he went to Bangkok.

Jubilee: James Harden displays Doc Rivers how to mark porn videos on Twitter instead of like it:

Maria: Doc Rivers is really crazy on Twitter this summer.

Disolate: I will be a man’s clown because I like porn tweets in their public, the account is verified with 60k followers, but I am not with a male clown for what he likes. I admit that surfing for the content of hitting on Twitter is foreign to me, but if that is legal, I will never judge. Are you, doc.

Matheba: What if he just came out and had it … No, you were not hacked … Bung was good. That’s normal. Now, what is the website again ??

Cassper: This is why we need more revenue in society. Too many people in the closet, are not free to be themselves. So they slipped and then (must) claim they were hacked.

Abel: I don’t understand why this is a big problem. Every man watching porn movies, I will not trust people who don’t.

Watch Doc Rivers’ Twitter account ‘compromised’ amid likes of adult content

It was only a matter of time before we learned that Doc Rivers was hacked.

Friday night, while many sports worlds are preparing for football weekends, internet detectives are starting to detect some strange behavior from Rivers’s Twitter account. Coach Sixers ‘likes’ other adult content.

Some reports from Sixers reporters indicate that Rivers were hacked.

(leaked) Doc Rivers Twitter full video goes viral on the internet

“I told the Doc Rivers’s Twitter account to be hacked and Sixers can cancel the likes and they get their account back to full work order,” John Clark’s tweet from NBC Sports Philadelphia. “Doc is informed by a friend about strange activities in his account and is being taken care of by the team.”

Paul Hudrick, who edited Liberty Ballers, a Sixers blog on SB Nation, added: “Confirmed through the source that the Doc Rivers’s Twitter account was compromised and the team worked last night to overcome it. All content since then disliked and Rivers have full access to his account again. ”

In fact, Hudrick clarified, on Saturday morning there were still some hiccups.

“Apparently there is still a problem by rearranging his sandals that the team works with Twitter to be resolved,” Hudrick tweet.

Sixers entered the 2022-23 season with 17-1 chances to win the NBA championship at Fanduel.

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