(Latest) Song Hye-kyo Gives ‘Love Sign’ to Park Hyung-sik and Jeon So-nee – (Latest) Song Hye-kyo Gives ‘Love Sign’ to Park Hyung-sik and Jeon So-nee. Song Hye-kyo recently gave support to Park Hyung-sik and Jeon So-nee filming the new Korean drama, Youth Climb the Barrier. The Descendants of the Sun star showed support by sending a coffee truck to the drama’s shooting location.

This was revealed by Jeon So-nee by uploading a photo with Hyung-sik via Instagram Story on Friday (8/7).

“On this very hot day, we got love from Kyo,” So-nee wrote in the post.

The photo shows So-nee and Hyung-sik posing in front of the coffee truck that Hye-kyo sent. At the top of the truck, there is a banner bearing the words of encouragement from Song Hye-kyo for her two friends.

“Cheers to beautiful So-nee and handsome Hyung-sik! Youth Climb the Barrier, cheer up on this hot day!! From Song Hye-kyo,” read the banner on the actress’ truck.

Song Hye-kyo is friends with Jeon So-nee because she played a role in the Korean drama Encounter (2018). Meanwhile, the friendship between Hye-kyo and Hyung-sik was established because both of them had been in the same agency, namely the United Artist Agency.

Song Hye-kyo Gives 'Love Sign' to Park Hyung-sik and Jeon So-nee

Now So-nee and Hyung-sik are shooting Youth, Climb the Barrier, which carries the romance genre with a historical theme.

Reporting from Newsen via Naver some time ago, this drama tells the story of a prince who suffers from a mysterious curse and a woman who is accused of murdering her family members.

Their love journey develops when the prince tries to save the woman from false accusations. Meanwhile, the woman is also trying to save the prince from his curse.

Youth, Climb the Barrier is directed by Lee Jong-jae, a director known for dramas Duel (2017), Revolutionary Love (2017), and 100 Days My Prince (2018). The screenplay was written by Jung Hyun-jung, author of Five Enough (2016) to Lovestruck in the City (2020).

Several other actors have also been confirmed to star in the drama. Call it Yun Jong-seok, Pyo Ye-jin, Lee Tae-sun, to Jo Sung-ha.

Youth, Climb the Barrier is scheduled to premiere in the second half of this year, but there is no official information regarding the drama’s broadcast date yet.

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