(Uncensored) Real Link Antonio Brown Twitter Video Pool Viral

(Uncensored) Real Link Antonio Brown Twitter Video Pool Viral

Infokeluargasehat.com – (Uncensored) Real Link Antonio Brown Twitter Video Pool Viral. A famous NFL bad boy can report for illegal use of his hands — and toes.

Embattled All-Pro wide receiver Antonio Brown was photographed splashing his bare bottom against a woman’s face in an outdoor pool at a luxury Dubai hotel — then Raise his man in the water and press him to his side, like a wide eye. vacationers watch in shock. Video footage obtained by The Post of a May 14 event at the Armani Hotel Dubai shows Brown, 34, too close for comfort to the woman, who initially laughed at the attention but quickly ran away to avoid a large The grill is controversial.

Eyewitnesses said Brown — whose past performances have landed him in hot water with the competition and the law and who is a free agent after leaving the Tampa Bay Buccaneers midway through the playoffs last season — just met him. the woman was angry with him when they met him.

In one video, Brown – who is apparently naked apart from gold chains around his neck – is curled up by the pool with the woman.

He then plants both hands on the deck of the pool to lift himself out of the water twice – sticking his butt in the woman’s face each time. He turns around, laughing at the neutral zone violation, as the other men in the pool begin to push Brown, yelling “Yes!” “More!” and “A B!”

In the second video, Brown appears to scare the woman as she tries to tie a scarf around her head. He may have broken a sling, which witnesses said he snatched from another swimmer. Brown then picked the woman up and threw her face-first into the water as if she were bowling, the shocking video shows.

The woman got out of the water, wiped her eyes, and swam to the other side of the lake, away from Brown. A man jokes: “He waterboards her!” while another sarcastically replies, “He gives her the long board!”

Antonio Brown Twitter Video Pool Viral

Antonio Brown Twitter Video Pool Viral

Leaning along the edge of the inside of the pool, Brown then grabs his penis and briefly pulls it out of the water in the direction of the woman, causing another man sitting and staring at the edge of the pool to shout, “Oh my God!”

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Two eyewitnesses told the Post that Brown continued to show her private parts several times after the recording ended, rudely asking the woman, “Do you want it?”

The sources said the woman appeared visibly upset and was later seen inside the hotel screaming and complaining to others about the incident.

A hotel representative declined to comment and declined to reveal the woman’s identity.

Brown was asked to leave the restaurant shortly after the incident, according to a restaurant employee who asked not to be named. The hotel has also received past complaints from other guests about what was happening to Brown, the source said. Complaints include Brown allegedly flouting UAE fashion by baring her breasts in front of guests in a restaurant and smoking what they believe smelled like marijuana in her room, which will violate the country’s law.

Brown, who is now an aspiring rapper, was in the United Arab Emirates to watch his friend, former boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr., fight a show in Abu Dhabi and make the boxer enters the ring. The seven-time Pro Bowler shocked the NFL world in January when he left Tom Brady and the rest of the defending champion Buccaneers in the middle of a game against the Jets who they later retired in the final seconds.

Antonio Brown Exposes Himself To Stunned Guests In Hotel Pool

Brown took off his gear at MetLife Stadium before running shirtless from the end zone to the locker room after an apparent disagreement with the coaching staff about whether it was safe to play. The team released him a few days later, saying they had previously promised to get mental health help for Brown, but he refused.

His probation includes a suspension for the first 8 games of the 2020 season for violating the NFL’s personal conduct rules. The decision came after a former teacher, Britney Taylor, filed a lawsuit accusing Brown of sexually assaulting her. The two sides settled the civil case in 2021 without disclosing the terms of the agreement. In 2020, Brown pleaded no contest to robbery and battery charges in Florida after he was accused of assaulting a delivery driver who delivered some of his goods to California. He was sentenced to two years in prison including anger management courses

Brown began his NFL career in 2010 with the Pittsburgh Steelers where he was one of the most competitive and productive wide receivers during his nine seasons there. He was traded to the Oakland Raiders in 2019 but was released before playing a game following an offseason program.

When asked if it was okay to be naked in the pool and expose himself, Brown wrote to a reporter on Saturday: “do what you have to do p-y u white boys are dead.”

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