(Update) Link Real Faisalabad Incident Viral Video MMS Twitter

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Link Video Faisalabad Girl Tortured Viral On Twitter

(Latest) Link Full Faisalabad Incident Viral Video Twitter

The Faisalabad Girl video tortured viral on Twitter after a man limits one of the young women to lick his shoes for refusing the engagement proposition.

To satisfy his image, a man and his team took Khadija Mehmood, a clinical substitute, from his home in Faisalabad. They violently tortured him as discipline for denying the proposition for engagement.

On Tuesday, Denmark Sheik who was blamed and his colleagues physically attacked young Khadijah women, as well as recording video.

As shown by the report, the young woman was taken from her home by force, by the party who was Danish litigation with her girl Ana Sheik and Watchmen.

The men who were blamed for bringing the young woman to their home university, Faisalabad, limited him to lick their shoes and make a video of embarrassing events.

They also tortured him, cut his hair, and shaved his eyebrows as a levy. The torture video that occurred on August 9 appeared Wednesday morning and had turned into a web sensation through virtual entertainment.

The victim admitted that when he would not marry his friend’s father, he was ashamed, tortured, and recorded. He stressed that his friend also asked him to recognize the proposition.

CCPO Faisalabad Umar Saeed Malik saw his appearance and registered a case at the women’s police headquarters against the perpetrators.

The nearest police have arrested six Denmark suspects, Maham, Khan Muhammad, Shoaib, Faizan and Ashghar related to this case.

Link Video Faisalabad Girl Tortured

(Update) Link Real Faisalabad Incident Viral Video MMS Twitter

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(Update) Link Real Faisalabad Incident Viral Video MMS Twitter

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