Viral Video Aaron Donald Swings Helmets and Aaron Donald Brawl Gone Wild Link on Twitter

Viral Video Aaron Donald Swings Helmets and Aaron Donald Brawl Gone Wild Link on Twitter – Viral Video Aaron Donald Swings Helmets and Aaron Donald Brawl Gone Wild Link on Twitter. Aaron Donald used to pursue Quarterback as a pass-rusher during the match, but defensive midfielder Los Angeles Rams pursued members of the Bengals Ringnati in a different way during training together Thursday.

Donald was seen swinging the Bengals helmet in the player during a broken fight in training.

Warren Sharp’s soccer insider shared video scenes of Ringinti and Los Angeles facing each other on Super Bowl, and that was Donald’s pressure on Joe Burrow in the fourth end of the match all of which won the championship for Rams.

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Viral Video Aaron Donald Swings Helmets and Aaron Donald Brawl Gone Wild Link on Twitter

They also play with each other in Saturday pre -season contests, and Thursday’s fight can lend additional energy for games that might be somewhat sluggish with the team that looks forward to the regular season.

According to USA Today, a fight is the destruction of the three practices and they all involve the RAMS and offensive defenders of Bengals Tackle La’el Collins.

Donald’s picture swinging a helmet immediately reminded Cleveland Browns Defensive End Myles Garrett doing something similar to Quarterback Pittsburgh Steelers Mason Mason Rudolph during the 2019 season

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While Garrett was suspended, Donald could avoid such punishment. However, Michael David Smith from Pro Football Talk noted that the NFL usually allowed the team to uphold discipline if an incident occurred during exercise.

“I don’t know exactly what incitement,” Rams Head Coach Sean McVay told reporters. “I think in some cases the team defending each other. Fortunately, my understanding is that no one is injured and we will move from it. It will not make an agreement that is bigger than what it is. Will not look at the finger.”

All types of suspension for Donald will be a difficult blow for Rams considering he is arguably the best player at NFL.

They also started their regular season in the potential Super Bowl preview battle with Buffalo Bills on September 8.

NFL superstar Aaron Donald swings helmets at rival in practice brawl gone wild

Three years ago, Myles Garrett was suspended for six matches after swinging Helm Mason Rudolph during the match. The precedent will soon be important, when the video emerges from the practice with Rams-Bengals Thursday from Aaron Donald doing the same thing.

In the recording on Twitter that appeared to have been recorded by fans (the media was rarely allowed to take videos during training), Donald was displayed swinging the helmet of the Bengals player as a weapon during the training battle. Although dust is common during the training camp, and especially during joint training, swinging helmets takes things that are a bit far. Donald seemed to end in two helmets – one in each hand – in the middle of chaos, and finally handled to the ground.

If the situation produces discipline that sees Donald losing time during the regular season, it will be a big blow to Rams, who will lose their best defensive players for a certain period of time. Donald has not missed the match since 2017 and has never suffered a serious injury, making the All Pro team for seven years running.

Donald also noted more than 10 sacks for five consecutive seasons and made Pro Bowl every year in his career.

Viral Video Aaron Donald Swings Helmets and Aaron Donald Brawl Gone Wild Link on Twitter

However, NFL is not responsible for overseeing the players’ actions while practicing – with the club given responsibility for any punishment.

Bengals coach Zac Taylor reduced the fight after training, which was directly limited after the incident.

“That’s just a little ‘blister,'” said Taylor. “So, we only call it. We were in the last period and we got two. Very good work days. So, is it worthy of getting some additional games? Not.”

Taylor added: “Emotions become high. We have worked together for two days now, and that only a few competitive people entered into it. ”

Rams coach Sean Mcvay is hotter. Jourdan Rodrigue from Athletic Tweeted McVay “Angry” jumped to Scrum to try to stop more chaos.

“I don’t know what it is,” Mcvay said. “I only see people swinging and some people wear helmets, some don’t, you never know what can happen. My biggest concern is an unnecessary injury. ”

Maybe there are some bad blood left from Super Bowl, where Donald’s Rams won a very close contest over Ringinti. However, this fight far beyond what will be considered a norm in mutual practice.

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