WATCH: Arkansas Police Video of Beating in Crawford County

Arkansas Police Video of Beating in Crawford County – WATCH: Arkansas Police Video of Beating in Crawford County. A video involving three officers has been circulating on social media, and the State Police of Arkansas has now launched an investigation of the situation.

Two deputies and police officers in Arkansas are being investigated after a video circulated online shows the arrest of violence in which a man was beaten by three law enforcement officials.

The video was taken at Kountry Xpress in Mulberry, Arkansas, and showed several law enforcement officers above the suspect who allegedly used excessive power.

Viral video captures Arkansas officers beating man during arrest

Arkansas Police Video of Beating in Crawford County

Officers and deputies involved in the recording have been identified as Mulberry Officer Thell Riddle, Deputy Levi White, and Deputy Zack King.

The Crawford State Sheriff Office announced that the State Police of Arkansas had been asked to conduct an investigation of the incident and the two deputies involved had been suspended while waiting for the results of the investigation and added that they would take the right steps in the issue.

The Mulberry Police Department released a statement in connection with the incident: “Mulberry City and Mulberry Police Department know the video circulating on social media involving one of our officers. The State Police of Arkansas has been asked to investigate the incident. Officers are on administrative leave while waiting for the results of the investigation . City of Mulberry and the Mulberry Police Department conduct this investigation very seriously and ask for responsibility for all their officers for their actions. We will take the right action at the end of the investigation. ”

According to Sheriff Jimmy Damante with the Crawford Regency Sheriff Office, the Alma police were called to a versatile store in the morning in connection with a man who made a terrorist threat to one of the employees.

Randall Worcester from South Carolina, who is suspected of spitting on an all -round shop employee and then continues to make a threat, and says they will “cut their faces.

The police stated that the Worcester then left on a bicycle to the exit 20 in Mulberry and that’s where the Mulberry officers and deputy can chase him.

The conversation began in a calm and civilized way but a sheriff claimed the man was then allegedly starting to attack one of the deputies and pushed him to the ground while punctured the back of his head. This is what leads to what is displayed in the video.

The report stated that Worcester was taken to the hospital for treatment, and was released, then imprisoned at Van Buren.

Arkansas police officers suspended after arrest beating caught on video

Arkansas Police Video of Beating in Crawford County

According to Sheriff Damante, the man faced allegations of terrorist threats, rejecting arrests, level 2 batteries, violations, actions that were worse, and had crime instruments.

When we contacted Bill Sadler, a public information officer with the State Police of Arkansas for a statement about the situation, he stated that “The Criminal Investigation Division of the State Police State Arkansas has opened an investigation.”

Investigation by the State Police Arkansas will be limited to the use of physical strength by officers and deputies. When the investigation is completed, the case will then be handed over to the Crawford District Prosecutor’s lawyer who will be the person who determines whether the use of strength by officers is considered necessary by the Arkansas Law.

Footage Shows Two Crawford County Deputies and Mulberry Police Officer Beating Randall Worcester

Governor Asa Hutchinson made a statement on Twitter where he explained that he spoke with Colonel Bill Bryant with the State Police of Arkansas regarding the incident and added that video evidence would be ‘investigated based on video evidence and request of the prosecutor’s lawyer.

Details in a limited investigation but we will update with more information as soon as available.

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