Watch Leaked Video Uncensored Quando Rondo Shooting In LA Twitter Viral

Watch Leaked Video Uncensored Quando Rondo Shooting In LA Twitter Viral – Watch Leaked Video Uncensored Quando Rondo Shooting In LA Twitter Viral. Additional extractors will come some arrest incidents involving the Rondo Rapper Quando who claimed for the lifetime of his best friend, Lul Pab.

The films of the scene have appeared by showing off the Savannah rapper who spoke to the police who helped get the medical consideration of his best friend after being shot. The arrest was reported to appear outside the gasoline station in Beverly Grove, California.

Based on ABC information, Quando Rondo and his crew stopped at the gasoline station at the Black Cadillac Escalade to get gasoline. When they had gone again to the car to leave, a white sedan was pulled with three men wearing all black that opened the fireplace in a rapper car that destroyed the window of the house. The white sedan then peeling, leaving at least one person who treated a gunshot wound. The police took a number of shell shells at the scene.

Quando Rondo Video Viral

Watch Leaked Video Uncensored Quando Rondo Shooting In LA Twitter Viral

Quando Rondo and the company placed their injured friends in the SUV and had been able to drive a few miles earlier than pulled over for the name paramedics. A video showing off a rapped rapper earlier than screaming in pain when the police helped his injured friend. The police did a CPR to the injured man, who seemed to breathe earlier than being rushed to the hospital, where he then died.

Meanwhile, Quando Rondo representative said he was not injured in the attack and well. Even so, he seemed shaken because of his life experiment.

This does not mean that affiliation is once again not new to capture the incident. In the last year, he also focused on the arrest while the exterior gasoline station stood in Georgia. The younger rapper seems to have a goal for him again from his exterior of King Von’s capture, a hookah lounge in La in rapper was concerned in a battle earlier than Von was shot dead, reported by the Affiliate Quando Lul Team.

Quando Rondo has not openly stated something since the last night’s arrest, but a girl who recognized himself as his aunt said he was fine and his household asked for privacy at this time. The preliminary study advised that the rapper was shot, but the individuals also said that he was not exposed to bullets.

We have not been able to verify this story and therefore cannot say with certainty that the individual mentioned above is dead. This is a developing story.

This post cannot function as a notification of obituari or death for the individual mentioned above.

This post will be updated immediately after we have more information and exact authorization from the family to publish the causes of death.

A representative for Quando said “Quando was present during the shooting last night which resulted in the premature death of the lives of other youth.”
The representative continued, “He himself did not suffer injuries during the shooting and safe. We ask his privacy to be respected at this time.”
Quando Rondo was trapped in the middle of a deadly shooting in the day of broad daylight on L. triggers a strange person from the rapper.

Video Shows Quando Rondo Screaming As Cops Helped Friend In LA Shooting

Watch Leaked Video Uncensored Quando Rondo Shooting In LA Twitter Viral


The video circulating Quando’s online event was clearly annoyed when talking to a police officer in West Hollywood right after bloodshed. In the video, Quando looked very excited, reached for his arms and stumbled back.

At one point, Quando saw the police dragging the corpse of the black escalade and he immediately walked away, screaming in pain.

A representative for Quando told us that the rapper was “OK,” but then patted us.

Law enforcement tells … Some armed men go to a gas station in Beverly Grove and fired, hitting a young man.

His friends put him in a black SUV and drove about one mile to West Hollywood, where they were stopped by police officers who responded to the shooting place. This is where the Quando video was shot and it seems he was only a witness.

The police gave CPR to the victim, who breathed, but was unconscious. The ambulance fled the victim to the hospital, where he died.

The suspects escaped with a white sedan.

Then, in November 2020, King Von was shot dead in an Atlanta Hookah lounge after the confrontation between his crew and the Quando group.


Watch Leaked Video Uncensored Quando Rondo Shooting In LA Twitter Viral

We know or have information about what causes the death of the individual mentioned above, but will update this publication once we have that information and are permitted by families who have died to do so.

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