Watch Video Trey Lance Making It Rain Viral Video Leaked on Twitter

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Video Trey Lance Making It Rain Leaked on Twitter

Watch Video Trey Lance Making It Rain Viral Video Leaked on Twitter

The quarter of the 49ers of San Francisco, Trey Lance, would have been spotted throwing lots of money in a strip club. The disclosed video surfaced on social networks after the defeat of week 1 of the NFL of his team against the Bears in Chicago.

The 22-year-old received the keys to the 49ers kingdom this offseason and there is no doubt that the release of the video is not a good look for him. It should be noted that the video starring Trey Lance throwing money to the stripper seems to be old. So you don’t know exactly when it was taken.

The legend of the video suggests that the person in the video is Trey launches. However, given the poor quality of the video, it is difficult to fully know that it is in fact the 22-year-old quarter.

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Watch Video Trey Lance Making It Rain Viral Video Leaked on Twitter

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